Our mission and goals

Both of us dreamed of a life more off-grid, surrounded by wilderness and living in a sustainable manner. It turns out getting the boat has exceeded these dreams for us. Before we moved to Mexico, we sold nearly everything we owned, having to fit the few chosen items into our small car and dinghy for the journey. With the intention of downsizing completely, we were thankful to say goodbye to a bunch of stuff and instead choose a different path, having less so we can have more unique experiences. 

our little garden

Our sailing life has brought on a whole new sense of consciousness. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning to slow down. We take pride in intimately understanding our consumption of vital resources like water, electricity, and fuel, and always striving to do better at decreasing our footprint. 

All we would like is to be together and create a comfortable and safe environment to start a family, in which we can spend time traveling and exploring new places and cultures together. We have big dreams, but we are in no rush to check anything off the list. We prefer to take a go-slow attitude, fully enjoying the journey. We want to share our experience with our friends and family. We also love meeting amazing people from all over the world. We want to have fun, learn new languages, read books, play music, hike through mountains and down beaches and most importantly live healthy and happy lives.